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Liz, Pete & Spero in Lefki at our house

Home in Lefki

Ithaca The homeland of Odysseus (Ulysses)
Ithaca, nestled in the azure embrace of the Ionian Sea, stands as a tranquil gem off the northeastern shores of Kefalonia and west of mainland Greece.
Spanning a modest 96 square kilometers, its intimate size belies its rich history and cultural significance. With a population of 2,862 souls,
it maintains a serene allure, attracting travelers seeking solace amidst its verdant landscapes and crystalline waters. Among the seven
 main Ionian Islands, Ithaca claims the title of the second-smallest, following only the diminutive Paxi in size. Yet, within its compact confines,
it harbors a timeless charm and a profound sense of belonging, beckoning all who venture to its shores to discover the essence of Greek island life.

Davias Family Tree

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Davias Family Tree
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The Davias Clan
During the Venetian era of 1763, the Davias clan found refuge near Anoghi, perched over 500 meters high on the plateau of Niritos, Ithaca's tallest peak at 809 meters. From this lofty vantage point on the western side of Ithaki, they kept watch over the Mediterranean, a region plagued by rampant piracy. The expansive plateau of Anogi not only accommodated their settlement but also provided ample space for cultivation, complemented by olive groves and abundant pastures for livestock. Around 1793, seeking a more accessible lifestyle, the Davias Family descended the mountain and erected a sturdy stone abode on the slope of Lefki village, transitioning from the heights to the embrace of community life below.

Anoghi (former capital of Ithaca)
Anoghi, steeped in history and charm, invites you to explore its ancient roots and breathtaking views. As the former capital of Ithaca during the Palatine County
era, it boasts the majestic Church of Koimiseos Theotokou, a testament to Byzantine grandeur and sacred artistry. Marvel at the stone bell tower that stands
proudly before this architectural gem, concealing its magnificence from potential threats. Venture further to Paxinata, where Venetian ruins whisper tales of
centuries past alongside the serene presence of Saint Spyridon's church.
Wander through the cobbled streets of Old Anogi, tracing the lineage of Ithaca's oldest settlement back to Byzantine times. Feel the echoes of history as you
stand among the weathered stone houses, each bearing witness to the island's enduring spirit. And don't miss the heart of Anoghi, where a traditional stone
cafe-grocery awaits with warm hospitality and the tantalizing aroma of ovened-goat, a culinary delight crafted from the bounty of Ithaca's pastures.
Join us in savoring the essence of Anoghi, where every stone tells a story and every moment is steeped in timeless allure. We welcome you to experience
the magic of our beloved village, where history and hospitality intertwine to create memories that last a lifetime.


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